Broadway Pizza, Champlin The Ideal Eat out

Broadway Pizza, founded in 1953 has several neighborhood chain restaurants which offer banquet services and food. Broadway pizza, Champlin is one of the branches which serves their famous pizza baked using a secret recipe which originates from Italy. In addition to pizza, a vast menu which includes pasta, burgers, hoagies, chicken salads, appetizers, soups, sandwiches and desserts is also available. Basket buffets, takeouts, kids meals, and delivery are what you will enjoy. Keep reading to find out more about this incredible place.

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Why You Should Visit Broadway Pizza Blaine For Tasty Meals

Broadway Pizza Paterson NJ: A Must Visit Joint for Your Pizza


A great menu: There is always so much to choose. The meals are ever delicious; pizza varies depending on your country of origin. Their meals include cheese bread, spaghetti, and meatballs, and macaroni served with fries, grilled cheese, baked lasagna, Fettucini Alfredo and chips for the kids. For beverages, orange, pineapple, grapefruit, apple and tomato juices, hot chocolate, iced tea, coffee, and root beer gets offered.

Broadway Pizza

Broadway Pizza

Special offers

On Monday, family night dinner buffet, kids 10 or years younger eat for free from 5 pm to 7:30 pm for every meal purchased. Double punch lunch where you can receive double punches on your lunch punch card at 11:30 pm is also on offer. Tight Wad Tuesday, once you buy one large pizza, you get to receive one half for free. Sunday, meat raffle at 3 pm and senior citizen day 15% off your order is also a great offer.

Hygiene is highly observed

You don’t have to worry about food poisoning because the meals get prepared under high hygienic levels. The restaurant is spotlessly clean. The Chefs and staff are professionals trained on how to handle food during preparation and when serving you.

Excellent service

The staff is always ready to attend to you. They are also friendly and easy to interact. They respond quickly to your order and are still attentive. What you order for is what gets delivered.

Great Pizza

You will get to taste pizza for free and settle on the one that suits your taste buds. Whether you want thin, crust, New York, or deep dish pizza, rest assured that you will have it. You will get served freshly baked hot pizza, and it is always perfectly cooked, and a top-secret recipe gets used. Broadway Pizza Champlin has the most decent pizza, and it’s affordable.

Broadway Pizza

Broadway Pizza


Prices range from $2-$15; you can comfortably take your family and friends for delicious meals which you can quickly pay. You will experience luxury dining at a little cost.

Fun filled moments

The Saturday night magician is always available to entertain you. You can also opt to engage yourself in various games like Bingo, He is funny, and you can never guess his next trick. You will even get to watch sports on the TVs.

Delivery services

You don’t have to visit the restaurant to have your meals physically. Just order online for anything you want, and it will get delivered to your doorstep. You will get a confirmation email, and your order will arrive shortly in less than 25 minutes.

Wheelchair Accessible

There is nothing better than having a facility which can get easy access by people who get confined to a wheelchair. You will have to take part in activities inside the restaurant too, and as well enjoy your meals and the cool music.

Convenient opening and closing hours

Broadway Pizza Champlin Open daily at 10 am and closes at 4 am. You can get meals delivered or request a takeout if you don’t feel like having your dinner or lunch at the restaurant. For people who work late night, this is the ideal place to purchase your food as its open even in the odd hours.

Quite spacious

There is plenty of space at Broadway Pizza Champlin. Large groups of people can get accommodation. There is also enough parking space for those with cars, and you can park on-site. The place is suitable for birthday parties, wedding reception, conferences, baby showers, graduation parties and many more events. Your guests will also enjoy the finger-licking foods served.

Gluten-free and low-fat fare meals

Everybody will get to enjoy the meals as it is well balanced. You don’t have to worry about your health. You can eat anything on the scrumptious menu. Everything is well catered for because you are always on the chef’s mind.

Free wifi

You will always stay connected to your social media, and you can also respond to your work emails. You just have to sit back and remain relevant. The wifi is unlimited; therefore, you can browse as much as you want.

Outside seating

You can sit outside with your friends, coworkers, or family and enjoy the summer sun. The staff will gladly attend to you wherever you choose to sit. You will also have an attendant seated near you in case you want an immediate response. The staff gets trained to deliver excellent services.

Reservation is Allowed

You can call for a ticket, and you will have time to finish up your endeavors and later walk in and sit at your reserved table. Booking for groups is also allowed.


You can casually dress as you are coming over to have fun and you should wear whatever you feel comfortable.  You don’t have to wear suits and ties!

 Alcohol is Available

Root beer and other types of liquor get provided along with meals. You can wind up the evening with a bottle of beer as you chat with your friends and family. However, beer gets strictly sold to adults only.

Vegetarians friendly menu

Although not a purely vegetarian restaurant, Broadway Pizza, Champlin has plenty of vegetarian and vegan options on their list. California veggie, veggie works, and roman veggie are always available, and they are tasty too.

Broadway Pizza Champlin has always been the ideal hangout joint for groups, friends, and family. You can ever expect decent pizza and excellent meals at an affordable price. The service is fast and friendly. You get what you ask. Consistency and staying true to the customers is their core value. Plenty of pull tab action at this place is what you will always experience. If Santa happens to come over, you can take a free photo with him. The site gets highly recommended, and you should plan a visit.

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Why You Should Visit Broadway Pizza Blaine For Tasty Meals

Broadway Bar and Pizza in Blaine, Minnesota offers mouth-watering, hot, fresh home-baked pizza made  with their secret sauce, excellent sausage recipe, and a freshly made dough. Food and banquet are the primary services provided. Besides the high-quality pizza, the restaurant has a flexible menu that everyone can adapt and also offers a kid-friendly dining encounter.

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Broadway Pizza Paterson NJ: A Must Visit Joint for Your Pizza



The menu includes burgers, sandwiches, appetizers, salads, desserts, and drinks. You can choose to have your full cuisine served in the serene environment of the restaurant, have it as a take –away or have it delivered to your doorstep.  Keep Reading on to find out why you should visit here for a bite.

Affordable prices

Broadway Pizza Blaine

Broadway Pizza Blaine

You deserve to experience the beautiful dining at a friendly cost. At Broadway Pizza Blaine, prices range between $15-$25.  The amount of meals served is worth the price. There is nothing more fulfilling than knowing that you can comfortably take your family or friends out for lunch which you can quickly pay.

Attraction elements

Broadway Pizza Blaine has plenty of space which can accommodate  groups of 45 or more people. Ample parking space is also available if you have a car. Whether you are having a wedding anniversary, a birthday party or any other event, this is the place to be.

Variety of meals

At Broadway Pizza Blaine,  you will get a sophisticated menu where you will have plenty of choices to make. Onion rings, meatballs, spaghetti, Mozzarella sticks, French fries, spinach dips, garlic toasts, and pepperoni flatbread are the major delicacies. All these meals are served fresh and hot. Kids are not left out as there are a Lil’ folks Special for kids and of course the award-winning pizza.

Meals served

Lunch, dinner and late-night snacks are always available. The restaurant opens at 11 am and closes at 1 am. You can start off with the Broadway sampler, skins, cheese curds or Eagle wings. There is always something special for you, like fettuccine Alfredo, the hot hoagie or the baked lasagna. For lunch, you can try the famous lunch buffet and a burger basket or the trademark fresh salads for dinner.


A television which is always programmed so that sports is on all TVS most of the time is quite refreshing. The Jukebox and the Buck Hunter are exciting too. The happy hour on Sundays is quite uplifting as you can enjoy the six dollars one-topping pizza and significantly reduced prices on beer. The Sunday Bingo is also entertaining.

Broadway Pizza Blaine

Broadway Pizza Blaine

Customer service

The staff is friendly and quickly responds to orders. They are always happy and consistent with their service. Offering excellent service is one of their core values, and they strictly adhere to it. You can never get ignored or served rudely. The staff is always fun to interact with, and they will even sit close to you in case you want their immediate attention.

Delivery services

Trust Broadway Pizza Blaine to deliver your orders to your doorstep. You will not have to wait for hours because it will only take them a few minutes to give. In about 25 minutes you will have your order. You will receive an email confirmation, and you can be sure that they are working on it.

True and consistent

Staying true to its customers is what Broadway Pizza Blaine is known. The train which goes round and round a frill has always been there, and it’s so exciting to watch. The welcoming atmosphere and pizza which is the primary draw. You can choose any pizza you want, and you will get just what you asked.

Outdoor seating

The restaurant offers outside accommodation whereby you can sit as a group or individually. Chatting with friends or family within the restaurant’s surroundings is an excellent experience as you will not get distracted by other people who came to a different activity like playing Bingo.

Free wifi

With free wifi, you can access your social media as you enjoy the finger-licking meals. Broadway Pizza Blaine ensures that the wifi is always functioning. You can as well bring with you your office work and take your time to work on it.

Wide variety of beverages

You will get to enjoy different kinds of beverages, including iced tea, orange, tomato, apple, grapefruit and pineapple juices, hot chocolate, coffee and root beer.

Considers people with disabilities

People using wheelchairs can easily access the facility as they are allowed. You don’t have to worry about leaving your friend or family member who gets confined to a wheelchair in the car.They will also enjoy the activities as well.

Cool music

The volume levels of the music played are just appropriate. You will enjoy your meals or any other activity. If you are bringing your family or friends, you will chat freely without distraction from the loud music.


The level of cleanliness gets highly observed. You can rest assured that you will get to enjoy meals prepared under strictly adhered hygiene rules. Broadway Pizza Blaine keeps the health of its customers in mind. Therefore, you should not worry about contaminated food.

Special offers

On Mondays, kids younger or 10 years old can eat for free. With every adult buffet purchased, one free child’s meal will get offered.The buffet includes soup, sandwiches, a full Salad Bar, a variety of pizzas, pasta and many more. Wednesdays meat raffle begins at 5 pm and  Bar Bingo at 6 pm. Sundays Bingo starts at 5 pm, and you have to get there earlier before all the seats get taken

Broadway Pizza Blaine is the ideal place to visit. Whether you are in town for a few days or you live within, you will experience the top-notch hospitality and tasty meals. Imagine having a train designed merely to travel around and outside of the room to bring your order isn’t it fun? The old Pizza Hut style is something else you will encounter. Make plans for when to visit this place or just, make an order online, and it will get delivered to you.

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Broadway Pizza Paterson NJ: A Must Visit Joint for Your Pizza

We all go salivating when we think, hear or see pizza- it’s always delicious! When you come to New Jersey, pizza is part of the livelihood. Broadway pizza Paterson NJ has been on the forefront is making the most delicious pizza in the city. The beauty of a pizza is that you can make it geeky or simple as you want. But do you have all the time to make your Pizza? Well, if not, you just only order from the best restaurant. It is probably one of your favorite junkies. Let us have a look at the best styles of Pizza that you can order.

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The Broadway Pizza Game

a] Bar Pie. As its name suggests, it suggests a pie that gets served at a bar. This kind of pizza is not cranky but it is thin-crusted. It is sumptuously covered with moon crater and spread with cheese from edge to edge. Though delicious, it is small enough for one person.

Broadway Pizza Paterson NJ

Broadway Pizza Paterson NJ

b] Chicago Deep Dish

When we talk of a unique brand, accentuated with buttery dough that is pressed into the bottom. The sides are covered with cheese with lots of toppings and sauce. It is argued to be more of a casserole than a pizza, but it is a delicious pizza.

c] Grandma

It is overlooked, but you will get surprised how delicious it is. Grandma pizza starts with a stretched dough in a pan, pampered with olive oil. Its crust is thin since it has short proofing time. Do you want a definitive version? Check it out at Broadway Pizza Paterson NJ.

d] Grilled

For long, people had hidden their palatable guts but not anymore. As much as Grilled Pizza is hard, plenty of people have found the juicy part of it. It needs to cook fast, have high gluten content and eaten while hot. The result is always incredible and small enough for one person.

e] New Haven

If you live in New Jersey, you haven’t experienced the heavenly side of a pizza if you have not tried this. At its presence, you have to have saliva gear control- sumptuous! It is a huge pie though thin. New Haven Pizza is slightly charred, driers, thicker and a bit chewier. Are you fretting about your teeth? Relax. This pizza is chewable and softer compared to Grilled Pizza.

f] Neapolitan Pizza

It is one of the most ranked Pizza at Broadway Pizza Paterson NJ. It has authentic style, classical and unique. Though it is small in size, its crust is chewable. If you want a definitive version, don’t hesitate to check out at Broadway Paterson Pizza NJ.

These are just but a few pizza styles. The ball is on your side to choose the best that will suit your class, personality, and teste.

So, why should you choose Broadway Pizza Paterson NJ for your pizza?

Broadway Pizza Paterson NJ

Broadway Pizza Paterson NJ

When buying Pizza, there are some factors you should consider. Not all restaurants will offer you what you want. When you land in New Jersey, you will probably have one choice for your Pizza quench and that is Broadway Pizza Paterson NJ. You are wondering why? Well, take a look as we break it for you.

1] Availability

“Closed.” This is one word any Pizza lover would hate. It is worse when the owner does it abruptly without your notice. Heartbreaking, right? Well, this is a rare occasion at Paterson NJ. The restaurant is always open and available for your order. Their availability is incredible, accentuated by quality services. In case of its closure, they will always notify the public to avoid confusion and annoyance to the clients.

2] Professionalism

Do you want to get treated like a king/queen? Well, Broadway Pizza Paterson NJ is the ideal place to be. Workers are highly trained to hand customers with respect, be friendly to them and offer necessary help. All queries are handled with promptly and professionally. It has enabled the restaurant to maintain a huge client base with many potential clients trickling in now and then. This has acted as little heaven secret that has seen the place grow to a mega Pizza joint.

3] Affordable

Despite having the best Pizzas in town, Paterson NJ has the most affordable menu- a rare combination. Never mistake cheap with poor quality. The management has proved that it is possible to get a good, sumptuous Pizza with a few dollars. You don’t have to open your wallet wide to quench your Pizza thirst. There is always everything for everyone. This is no doubt. From large Pizzas for a large family to small pies that you can enjoy alone while watching your favorite movie.

4] Punctual

You just ordered your Pizza. Sit back and wait for few minutes, hours or days. It all depends on your location. But you can get assured that you will experience no delays. The delivery team is fast, precise and professional too. “Knock, knock.”, You better answer that because your pie just arrived. And just like that, you have your piece ion the table, as your order it.

5] Honesty

When it comes to eateries, honesty is the pillar to maintain clients, grow your business and watch yourself becoming sacksful. Broadway Pizza Paterson NJ has decrypted this secret. Honesty is the daily policy. In case you order Pizza with precise specifications, you will get notified if it is possible to make you the required pie and if not, you will get an alternative way. Isn’t that great? It would be disappointing to pay for what you won’t enjoy. It is your right to enjoy the value for your money.

6] Reliability

When it comes to reliability, Broadway Paterson always win. You can account for them. Once you make an order, you don’t have to panic or keep on reminding them. Their services are above par. The management has a strict measure in ensuring that all meals are served on time and as per the customer’s specifications.

Broadway Pizza Paterson NJ is the talk of the town. It has become the ideal place to take your meals and get your desired Pizza- mouthwatering. You don’t have to read-only, but you need to visit the restaurant. You will get amazed at the unmatched professionalism, sumptuous dishes, and friendly environment.

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 LOCATION: Broadway Pizza Maple Grove is located at 7951 Elm Creek Boulevard North Maple Grove Minnesota 55369. You can visit their website at The telephone number is 763-416-4446.

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The Broadway Pizza Game

Broadway Pizza, Champlin The Ideal Eat out


  • Wednesdays at 7:00 PM is BARGO night.
  • Scotty T`s Team Trivia Blast and you can win up to $250.00 cash.
Broadway pizza maple grove

Broadway pizza maple grove


  • Broadway Pizza Maple Grove received the 2015 Reader`s Choice Award



Broadway Pizza Maple Grove facilitates a Gluten free menu! All items on the menu can be gluten-free. The choice is yours.


Baked Skinny Wings                Tender chunks of white chicken breast baked to a golden brown. Your choice of plain or barbeque.

Sweet Potato Waffle Fries       Sweet potatoes made on a waffle iron!

Tuscan Meatball Dip               Homemade meatballs topped with garlic pesto bruschetta tomatoes, mozzarella and parmesan cheeses. Served with garlic pesto crostini.

Broadway Poutine                   Crispy tots and cheese curds smothered with a smokey cheese gravy and then topped with jalapeno bacon, seasoned tomatoes and cheddar cheese.

Onion Rings                             Thick onion cuts battered then fried until golden.

Curd Town Curds                    Wisconsin cheese curds deeply fried and served with ranch or original broadway sauce.

Crispy Pollock Fillet                 Deep fried and served with tartar sauce.

Chicken Tenders                     Premium chicken tenderloins breaded and served with any sauce of your choice.

Chipotle Nachos                     Crispy corn tortilla chips topped with jalapenos, black olives, tomatoes, and onions smothered with a blend of melted cheeses and a chipotle cheese sauce. Served with your choice of salsa or sour cream. Add grilled chicken, taco beef or steak.

Baja Fish Tacos                       Made with crispy fried fish with a vinaigrette tossed with a mixture of lettuce. Plus black olives, onions, seasoned tomatoes, and avocados, wrapped in a flour tortilla with cheddar cheese. Plus a tangy chipotle ranch dressing.


Broadway trios give you the option to choose three appetizers together.

For example:

Tater Tots

Boneless Wings

Baked Skinny Wings

Wings ( Savoury or Breaded)

Chicken Tenders

Broadway pizza maple grove

Broadway pizza maple grove


Italian Hoagie                        Filled with salami, ham and pepperoni, and topped with tomatoes, lettuce, onion, special sauce and melted mozzarella.

Chicken Pesto Hoagie             Made with baked chicken breasts and topped with tomatoes and onions and tossed in creamy pesto.

Broadway Original                 This is the famous Hoagie at Broadway. Its made with sausage, pepper jack cheese, roasted peppers, and onion. Topped with original Broadway sauce. Served with banana pepper rings on the side.

Meatball Hoagie                     Homemade meatballs with original Broadway sauce and loads of melted mozzarella.

Hot Turkey Hoagie                  This has oven roasted turkey breast with tomatoes, lettuce, onion, special sauce, and melted mozzarella.


Mama Mia Burger                  Made with pepperoni, melted, mozzarella cheese and original sauce. Then parmesan is sprinkled on top.

Bruschetta Turkey Burger      Mozerral is melted with fresh garlic pesto and bruschetta tomatoes.

Chipotle Black Bean Burger   Made with smokey black beans, pepper jack cheese, avocado, black olives and jalapeno and topped with creamy ranch dressing.

Ghost Chilli Burger                 Spicy ghost chilli sauce on top of your patty of choice. With crispy bacon, gorgonzola cheese, avocado and ranch dressing.


Broadway makes great wraps! Customers are offered a choice of spinach or basil tortilla. Wraps

are served with fries or tater tot and a pickle.

Taco Wrap                             Made with taco beef, roasted peppers, onions, ranch dressing, tomatoes, black olives, lettuce, mozzarella, provolone and cheddar cheeses. Sides include salsa and sour cream.

Fresh Vegetable Wrap            Fresh blend of avocados, red onion, olives, sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, spinach, cucumber, cheddar cheese and a creamy pesto ranch dressing.

Buffalo Chicken Wrap             Made with tomatoes, lettuce, onion, mozzarella, provolone, and cheddar cheese, and added blue cheese dressing. Your choice of grilled chicken or crispy chicken tenders tossed in buffalo sauce.

Chicken Ceaser Wrap             Made with bacon, tomatoes, and lettuce, tossed in a Caesar salad dressing. A mix of mozzarella, provolone and cheddar cheeses. Your choice of grilled chicken or chicken tenders.

Sonora Chicken Wrap             Made with smokey chipotle chicken, jalapeno bacon, onion, tomatoes, cheddar cheeses, and lettuce. Topped with chipotle ranch dressing.



Pasta is served with garlic toast and a Broadway dinner salad.


Mediterranean Spaghetti       This is made with spaghetti noodles topped with a blend of seasoned greek olives. Also, sun-dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, lightly tossed with extra virgin olive oil and parmesan cheese. You can add sweet Italian sausage or grilled chicken.

Chicken Tortellini                    This is the chef`s signature dish, made with ricotta and parmesan on three colour pasta. In the mix is chunks of tender grilled chicken and vegetables and topped with alfredo sauce.

Baked Lasagne                       This lasagna has fine pasta layered with a blend of blend of different cheeses, spices, ground beef and sausage.

Steak Stroganoff                     A unique blend of fettuccine noodles, seasoned steak, and onions. Tossed in a spicy mushroom sauce and topped with fresh tomatoes.


Pepperoni Packed                   Smothered in pepperoni plus extra added cheese. Exclusively for pepperoni lovers!

Hawaiin Sizzler                        Premium Canadian bacon, pineapple, jalapeno bacon, mozzerrela and cheddar cheeses.

Barbeque Chicken                  A tangy blend of Pizza and Barbeque sauces, chicken chunks, onion, mozzarella, and some cheddar cheese.

Unique White Pizza                 Made with a specially seasoned chicken, parmesan, mozzarella and alfredo.

Taco                                        Made with spicy Taco beef, onion and black olives.

Primo                                      Made with sausages, pepperoni, and onion with extra cheese.

Eddie`s Extra Special             Made with shrimp, plus cheese, sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, green pepper and onions.

Meat At Broadway                  Packed with homemade sausages, crisp bacon, ham, pepperoni. Specially made for all meat lovers.



Broadway cater`s for the sweet tooth!


SUNDAE                                 Sundae is made with vanilla ice cream and topped with chocolate, strawberry, or butterscotch topping. Then to top it off, whipped cream and a cherry.

VANILLA RASBERRY CAKE     Yellow sponge cake made with raspberry vanilla cream, strawberries and sweet icing.

DEEP DISH COOKIES              A rather large chocolate chip cookie topped with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and a cherry on top.

OLD FASHION MALT              You can choose between vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, and butterscotch.

1919 ROOT BEER FLOAT        A refreshing frosty mug of Minnesota`s made 1919 root beer served with vanilla ice cream.


Make is Broadway everyday for all your catering and dining needs!

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 TAGLINE: Broadway Pizza has been serving great pizza in America for over 60 years!

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Why You Should Visit Broadway Pizza Blaine For Tasty Meals

ORIGINS: Broadway Pizza Brooklyn Park has the New York style and the original Broadway-style deep dish pizzas. They also offer a complete gluten-free menu to its customers. Broadway Pizza Brooklyn Park is rated four out of five on TripAdvisor.  Broadway Pizza was founded in 1953 by an Italian called John Spallacci. He was born in Gorviano Italy and moved to Minnesota. He brought from Italy his own personal pizza recipe.

Broadway pizza brooklyn park

Broadway pizza brooklyn park

Later on, in 1976 a man called Eddie Peck bought the business from John Spallacci. Eddie ran the business with his wife Dorothy and his mother Mamie. Eddie Peck had their skill of making sausages from scratch. Mamie`s job was making great tasting sauces. Word spread of the great pizza`s that Eddie peck made and his business became a major hit!


Broadway Pizza Brooklyn Park is located at 8525 Edinburgh Center Drive Brooklyn Park Minnesota 55443. Their contact number is 763-488-8484. You can check out their website at Broadway Pizza in Brooklyn Park is an Italian restaurant.


Broadway pizza is opened at 11:00 AM every day. You have the option to dine in, order on the phone or online or have taken out. You can order online at

Lunch Buffet Hours Monday – Friday 11:00 AM to 1:30 PM

Monday Night Family Buffet – 5:00 PM – 7:30 PM

Kitchen Hours Sunday – Thursday 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Friday to Saturday 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM

The buffet has a range of delicious foods. The Buffet includes:

A variety of different pizza’s



Full Salad Bar



Kids eat free but there are however some restrictions. The child must be ten years or younger. The free meal is only eligible if an adult meal is purchased. You can only dine in and there is no drink included in the meal.

Broadway pizza brooklyn park

Broadway pizza brooklyn park


Brooklyn Pizza Broadway offers Banquet Catering for all occasions. Contact them today for your all wedding, parties, business dinner or family event. There is a private dining area, a full bar and a patio for outside dining.




Tuscan Meatball Dip

Italian Cheese Bread

Broadway Poutine

Onion Rings

Curd town Curds

Crispy Pollock Fillets

Chicken Tenders

Chipotle Nachos

Garlic Pesto Bruschetta

Spinach Artichoke Dip

Baja Fish Tacos

The original appetizer sampler – This special comes with 5 pieces of wings, a sauce of your choosing, four pieces Italian cheese bread, golden brown onion rings. This is served with original Broadway sauce. You can also choose between the ranch and blue cheese dressing.



Zesty Greek Salad

Broadway Dinner Salad

Taco Salad

Caesar Salad

Chicken Cranberry Salad

Italian Chopped Salad

Grilled Chicken Salad

Traditional Spinach Salad



Broadway Pizza Brooklyn Park offers a wide variety of appetizers, salads, pizzas, and sandwiches.


Italian Cheese Bread – This is a thick chewy bread brushed with butter and mozzarella and is placed in the oven until golden brown.  It is served with an original Broadway sauce. Price: $13.99 Serving: one dozen.

Garlic Toast – Made with Italian bread, garlic butter and baked until golden brown. Cost: $8.99 Serving: one dozen.


Savory and boneless wings are made in your choice of sauce.

Breaded wings come with the sauce served on the side.

Wings are served with celery sticks and your choice ranch, blue cheese or chipotle ranch dressing.

10 wings are priced at $$10.99 USD

20 Wings are priced at $19.99 USD

40 Wings are priced at $38.99 USD

Sauces for Wings

Ghost Chili


Sweet and sour

Jamaican Jerk

Sweet Siracha

Thai Chili Glaze

Cajun Dry Rub


Chipotle barbeque


Just plain


Chocolate chip cookies-$.99 USD each

Cinnamon Sticks – Oven made and very crispy on the outside. Sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar and served with sweet icing. Price $12.99 serves ten to twelve people.


Party salad – Salad is made with tomatoes, greens, cucumbers, croutons, and red onions.

Price $34.95 Serves ten to twelve people

Price $49.95 Serves twenty to twenty-five people


You have the choice of white or wheat bread

Hoagie platter – Eight large hoagies served on a platter.

You have the choice of turkey, Italian, turkey club, or ham and cheddar.

Price $54.99 USD Serves twelve to sixteen people.



Broadway serves many options for Pasta Lovers. All pasta is served with garlic bread.

BAKED PENNE AND MEATBALLS – Penne pasta with authentic Broadway sauce and homemade meatballs. With mozzarella and baked to golden perfection. Price $44.95 Serves eight to twelve persons.

CHICKEN FETTUCINE NOODLES – Fettucine noodles mixed with garlic alfredo sauce and grilled chicken on top. Price $44.95 USD Serves eight to twelve people.

SPAGHETTI AND MEATBALLS – Spaghetti served with Broadway’s original sauce with homemade meatballs.

BAKED LASAGNA– Pasta layers with a four-cheese blend, herbs, sausage, ground beef, and original Broadway sauce. Price $44395 USD. Serves eight to twelve people.



Broadway is known for its great tasting pizza since 1953. You can build your own pizza with up to five ingredients. Broadway Pizza uses a low-fat mozzarella and you have several choices of crust. You can choose from Original crust, whole wheat thin, New York style, Broadway-style and deep dish.

You can choose from the many toppings available.




Canadian Bacon

Ground Beef



Jalapeno Bacon


Taco Beef

Smoked Beef


Original Red

Garlic Alfredo


Creamy Pesto

Creamy Red

TYPES OF PIZZA (Endless pizza choices)

  • Classic Deluxe           No 1 seller! A combination of cheese, sausage, pepperoni,  mushrooms and green pepper.
  • Vegetable-Filled      Made with low-fat mozzarella, and tomatoes, mushrooms, onion, green pepper and green olives.
  • Island     Made with Canadian bacon, herb-seasoned chicken and pineapple chunks.
  • Chicken Club     Made with herbed seasoned chicken, bacon, tomatoes, romano, parmesan and Mozzarella with garlic alfredo sauce.
  • Pork and Kraut   Made with premium Canadian bacon, crisp bacon, onion topped with mozzarella!

For all your Pizza needs Broadway Pizza is here to fill them! Every one loves Broadway! Pizza done the right way!

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The Broadway Pizza Game

It has little in the manner of decorative capabilities. To know in detail what just the pizza businesses offer on the menu, you can stop by the respective company sites. In reality, so extensive are the collections now that they’re displayed through numerous exhibitions. Be aware that by doing so you are also signing up to get text messages from them. Pay a visit to their page for more details. See the website for information.

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The Ultimate Broadway Pizza Trick. There’s something for everybody within this popular destination and it’s only the most suitable atmosphere for a getaway. There’s a public lot throughout the street from this place though. You may either decide to remain in the lodge located there or remain in the developed campground. Siesta Beach has lifeguards on duty each and every day of the calendar year, which makes it a safe place to delight in the waves. Be aware the railroad caboose in the dip at the base of the hill.

Broadway Pizza Game

Broadway Pizza Game

A fantastic number of dishes that arrive in reasonable portions of the cost. Having cooked a few pizzas in my personal day I’m pretty certain the oven was not hot enough to earn an appropriate pizza. Now, there are dozens and dozens of restaurants offering numerous kinds of pizza, from crispy thin crust to fluffy pan crust and gourmet flatbread pizzas. In addition, I love knowing that I’m not eating the identical crappy dough that most pizzerias use. But she explained, the remainder of our toppings are housed in the exact same containers just do not have the kitchen room to house all toppings in two locations (hence, the Gluten-Friendly dedication, we wish to tell the truth in that which we are in a position to do). After all, various sorts of pizza have various attributes and so call for various sorts of the pizza base, pizza toppings, and cooking tactics.

Pizza toppings can be added to another charge. If you get a favorite burger that you believe is Memphis best or that I should try and review, please drop a note in my suggestion box. The pizza house also provides an array of oven-baked sandwiches, delectable dips and a variety of chicken wings. You all be excited about the fantastic food including all the freshest, best ingredients money can purchase. The expression pizza covers a good deal of territory. It is as simple as pie, Pizza pie!

Cruising is a great vacation for people who wish to relax and not fret about what hotel to remain in, where to pick up the rental auto, or where to eat each evening. There’s nothing unusual about this museum by itself but it does contain 1 attraction that is only one of a type. Booking the spa for the duration of the cruise is a must as soon as one arrives on board as the range of spa passes is constrained. Can’t be combined with different offers.

But with some advance planning and some simple understanding of nutrition, it’s simple to create a week’s worth of healthy meals which you and your family members will love. We wanted to convey an actual picture of that which we can accomplish given our environment. In case it appears hedonistic, foolhardy or selfish to take as much time off, you are able to take comfort in how the notion of a sabbatical even has biblical roots. Pristine beauty at its very best.

Broadway Pizza Game

Broadway Pizza Game

We arrived at Charlotte Amalie, among the busiest cruise ports on the planet, on Day Four. So you’ve planned a visit to Myrtle Beach or a planning to achieve that. However, that doesn’t take away from the simple fact this gorgeous city is still one of the most attractive cities on earth and will continue to inspire writers and poets alike. And we need to move, but don’t have any place to move to yet. I strongly suggest this place.

It’s also a great idea to acquire your whole family involved with the preparation of the meals. The ship provides you with a room key, which likewise functions as a charge card, so if you decide to want to purchase extras, you can charge it and pay at the end. I was among the persons at the conclusion of the table where there’s an extremely uncomfortable bar above my knee which made it challenging to scoot in or maneuver myself in any manner. A busted cabinet that was lying on the ground of the shop room became home sweet house for my dust buster. Just have a look at these beauties!

Broadway Pizza Fundamentals Explained

Prove me wrong if possible, and I will be pleased to apologize since I would really like to find people being cured of these high priced failures. On the upside, you probably won’t need to take care of any lines or crowds. I anticipate hearing from you. This means that the conclusion of all the” lines should rhyme with one another, the conclusion of all the b” lines rhyme with one another, then the conclusion of all the c” lines with one another, the conclusion of all the d” lines with one another and lastly, the conclusion of all thee” lines rhyme with one another. I don’t understand where all the prior complaints came from. You should definitely give it a go.

That’s what is needed to be prosperous. So we chose to check it out. And all of them are so friendly. I could aid you with that. It is not that hard to obtain.

Sorry, but there aren’t any available Pizza Huts that could deliver to that address. If you’re outside Lahore and Karachi and wish to try them out, take a look at their locations throughout the restaurant locator. That is the reason why you can find Broadway pizza coupons online. I would definitely return to this restaurant. Fast-casual is about casual settings to present the consumers with their food fast.

No matter the reason is behind your longing to drift away for a couple of days or longer, there are numerous options in America during any certain time of the calendar year, because of the different climates spread out throughout the nation. It’s really hard to trust this was 5 decades ago. There’s live jazz a few days per week. Smart watches can tell you’re going to acquire sick days beforehand. Girls really like to truly feel special, they love to feel they’re the prettiest, sexiest creature on the planet. Everyone is going to have an excellent time and make some rather special memories in the process from a really special moment. In the past few years, it’s been for the six-show season to feature a couple big hits, a few mediocre productions, and a couple obvious stinkers.

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